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Assembly Bill 2586 “Opportunity for All” which Provides Equal Access to Employment Opportunities for All Students Advances in the Senate

For immediate release:

(Sacramento) Yesterday, Assembly Bill 2586, the Opportunity for All Act, was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee. This groundbreaking bill, authored by Assemblymember Alvarez (D-San Diego), would provide equal access to employment opportunities for all students, regardless of their immigration status, at the University of California (UC), California State University (CSU), and California Community Colleges (CCC) campuses.

"As the son of immigrant parents and being raised in Barrio Logan, I understand the true meaning of standing for what is right with your community,” said Assemblymember Alvarez. “The courage and brilliance of students in the Undocumented Student-Led Network continue to inspire me as this bill moves through the legislative process I am grateful that my Senate colleagues stood on the right side of history today. As this bill progresses, California has the opportunity to lead in protecting and advancing the rights of immigrants and their families.”
In California, there are approximately 44,326 undocumented college students who are not eligible for DACA, and 14,000 undocumented students graduating from high school each year. By allowing these students to work, California will not only support their financial stability but also tap into a vast reservoir of talent, significantly enhancing the state's workforce and economic vitality. 

“Today, we witnessed California Senators lead for all Californians,” said Jeffry Umaña Muñoz, a recent UCLA graduate who is pursuing graduate school at Cal State LA. “As an undergraduate student at UCLA, I struggled daily and missed out on critical educational and career-building opportunities However, today gives me hope that California Senators will continue to lead by example and make sure that, as an incoming Cal State LA student, I have the same opportunities as my peers.”

 “As a proud coauthor of AB 2586, I am grateful that my Senate colleagues passed this measure,” said Senator María Elena Durazo. “Students attending UC campuses, state universities, and community colleges should have equal access to employment and other opportunities just like every other student, regardless of their immigration status.  They aren’t just looking for a paycheck, but the opportunity to participate on their campus. They have earned their spot on their campus and deserve the same benefits as their peers, which includes qualitative work experiences and the ability to earn an income while in school, especially as college tuition hikes make it more difficult for our students to attain higher education and meet their basic needs.” 

This bill is co-sponsored by the Undocumented Student-Led Network and CFT – A Union of Educators and Classified Professionals, AFT, AFL-CIO and will next be heard in the Senate Education Committee on July 3, 2024.