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Press Releases

The Port of San Diego Reform and Accountability Act Unanimously Passes the Assembly

(Sacramento) Assemblymember David Alvarez (D-San Diego) announced that the Port of San Diego Reform and Accountability Act, Assembly Bill 2783, passed off the Assembly Floor unanimously yesterday. This measure provides transparency, oversight and accountability improvements to the governance and operation of the San Diego Unified Port District.

Assemblymember David Alvarez’s Reconnecting Communities Redevelopment Act Advances in the Assembly

(Sacramento) The Assembly Committee on Housing and Community Development passed Assemblymember David Alvarez’s (D-San Diego) Assembly Bill 2945, the Reconnecting Communities Redevelopment Act, which would allow local cities and counties to form Reconnecting Communities Reinvestment Agencies to help build freeway lids, affordable housing, and public amenities in communities divided by freeways.