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The Port of San Diego Reform and Accountability Act Unanimously Passes the Assembly

For immediate release:

(Sacramento) Assemblymember David Alvarez (D-San Diego) announced that the Port of San Diego Reform and Accountability Act, Assembly Bill 2783, passed off the Assembly Floor unanimously yesterday. This measure provides transparency, oversight and accountability improvements to the governance and operation of the San Diego Unified Port District.

“By establishing much-needed independent review for ethics and conflicts of interest matters, and increasing the Port’s participation as a community partner, AB 2783 will ensure decisions are made to better reflect the interest of the State and its people,” said Assemblymember Alvarez.

The Port of San Diego was created by the State Legislature in 1962 to serve as a steward of San Diego Bay for the benefit of California. It is a unique Special District that includes multiple member-cities that appoints Port Commissioners to serve on their behalf and, despite being reviewed by no less than three grand jury reports in the past 35 years, has very little statutory oversight. AB 2783 provides needed transparency and oversight reforms to the Port by adopting recommendations identified in the 2022-2023 Grand Jury report. This report called for reforms within the Port to improve the public’s trust in this institution. Other Port Districts on the west coast have adopted similar governance and accountability measures.

Communities adjacent to the Port suffer from some of the worst air quality in our state. According to CalEPA’s CalEnviroScreen 4.0 tool, census tracts near the Port score in the 100th and 99th percentile in exposure to diesel particulate matter, and 95th percentile in asthma and poverty rates. AB 2783 would increase the Port’s set-aside for projects that help mitigate the health impacts for residents that live close to maritime industrial activity. These projects would provide amenities and infrastructure support to mitigate maritime industrial impact.

Assembly Bill 2783 is a critical step toward a more transparent and equitable future for our Port and all of San Diego County,” said San Diego County Supervisor Chairwoman Nora Vargas. "This legislation will implement key reforms and codifies the Maritime Industrial Impact Fund, which will enhance public access and mitigate impacts in underinvested communities to create environmental sustainability and social equity. As an advocate for transparency, accountability, and effective, equitable government, I am proud to support this critical measure.”

"I am in strong support of Assembly Bill 2783 authored by Assemblymember Alvarez,” said Chula Vista Deputy Mayor Alonso Gonzalez. “It is essential to implement reforms and oversight to ensure that Port decisions are made in the best interest of the public.”