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The Port of San Diego Reform and Accountability Act Passes Local Government Committee

For immediate release:

(Sacramento) Today, the Assembly Local Government Committee approved Assembly Bill 2783, authored by Assemblymember David Alvarez (D-San Diego). AB 2783, The Port of San Diego Reform and Accountability Act provides transparency, oversight and accountability improvements to the governance and operation of the San Diego Unified Port District.

“By establishing much-needed independent review for ethics and conflicts of interest matters, adding term limits, and increasing the Port’s participation as a community partner, AB 2783 will ensure decisions are made to better reflect the interest of the State and its people,” said Assemblymember Alvarez.

“I am grateful for AB 2783 to reform the governance of the Port and result in a more transparent accountable public agency,” said National City Councilmember Luz Molina. “I wholeheartedly support this vital legislation and advocate for its passage.”

AB 2783 would also increase the Port’s set-aside for projects that help mitigate the health impacts for residents that live close to maritime industrial activity. These projects would provide amenities and infrastructure support to mitigate maritime industrial impact.

“This bill will be amended to address concerns that it would financially impact development projects along Port tidelands, including the Gaylord Pacific Project in Chula Vista which is critical to provide good jobs,” concluded Assemblymember Alvarez.

This bill will be heard in the Assembly Judiciary Committee on April 24, where Assemblymember Alvarez will be presenting amendments to more explicitly eliminate any potential risk for the Gaylord Pacific Project. For more information, please contact the Office of Assemblymember Alvarez at (619) 498-8580.