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Assemblymember David Alvarez Announces 100% of Bills Signed by Governor Newsom into Law

For immediate release:

(Sacramento) Governor Newsom last week signed all nine bills authored by Assemblymember David Alvarez. These new laws are expected to create positive policy changes for the future and have a significant impact on the lives of many Californians.

"During my first year in office, I did what I always do and worked closely with community members and advocacy groups to ensure that their voice is represented in government,” said Assemblymember Alvarez. “I am proud that these bills received bi-partisan support by my colleagues and thank the Governor for signing all of the bills forwarded to him.”

The nine laws will have a significant impact in many areas ranging from providing more incentives to build middle-income family housing and removing CEQA requirements for the construction of 100% affordable housing units and a bill to allow genetic testing for Medi-Cal patients to reduce health disparities. Another bill eliminates an unnecessary ban on cultural expression in lowriders, antique cars, and cruising.  Furthermore, two more laws have been signed to support the cross-border economy. One will assist in the construction of SR-11 Otay Mesa East Port of Entry, and the other will provide educational opportunities for students living near the border to attend local community colleges.

Earlier this summer, Governor Newsom signed into law an exemption from the Surplus Lands Act for the City of Chula Vista's University-Innovation District (UID) development project on approximately 383 acres.  This project paves the way to create a regional university for the South Bay.

"The laws were inspired and written by people who passionately advocated for these issues. I want to express my gratitude to all those who supported these efforts. Transforming a bill into law requires a dedicated and devoted coalition of advocates, and I genuinely appreciate the commitment of many for these important issues,” said Assemblymember Alvarez.


Bills Signed into Law:

AB 91: Allows low-income students who reside in Mexico, near the California-Mexico border, to be eligible for in-state tuition rates at community colleges. (Goes into effect January 1, 2024)

AB425: Opens pharmacogenomic testing to Medi-Cal patients to help determine the appropriate drugs and dosage based on their genetic background. (Goes into effect July 1, 2024)

AB 427: Authorizes SANDAG to utilize the Construction Manager/ General Contractor (CMGC) contracting method on the SR 11/Otay Mesa East Port of Entry Project (POE). To continue progress on SR 11. (Already in effect)

AB 436: Repeals the prohibit on cruising across the State and modifies the vehicle code to address car height. (Goes into effect January 1, 2024)

AB678: CPUC are required to consider biomethane procurement targets for CTAs, requiring consideration of specific biomethane procurement targets or goals for each gas corporation and core transport agent. (Goes into effect January 1, 2024)

AB956: Allowing the State Auditor’s Office to continue to receive data from the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) system to be able to conduct audits and continue accountability and transparency in government. (Goes into effect January 1, 2024)

AB979: Allows family councils at long-term care facilities to meet and communicate electronically. (Goes into effect January 1, 2024)

AB1287: Allows housing developers to maximize existing incentives to build low income affordable units and to build middle income families. (Goes into effect January 1, 2024)

AB 1449: Exempting from CEQA certain 100% affordable housing projects throughout California. (Goes into effect January 1, 2024)


The 80th Assembly District includes the communities of Barrio Logan, Logan Heights, Sherman Heights, Bonita, Lincoln Acres, Otay Mesa and San Ysidro, along with the cities of Chula Vista, National City and Imperial Beach.