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Statements from Assemblymember Alvarez on the Signing of Assembly Bills 1287 & 1449:

For immediate release:

Assembly Bill 1287:

Housing is a major crisis facing all Californians, and offering affordable options for middle-income families is crucial. Today, Governor Newsom signed AB1287 into law. This law will create new housing for middle-income families and additional low-income and market-rate housing. It's time we create housing opportunities for all.


Assembly Bill 1449: 

AB 1449 will make it easier to build affordable housing by providing a crucial exemption of CEQA for 100% affordable housing projects that meet specific location requirements, labor standards, and environmental regulations. I'm thankful the Governor understands this law's balanced approach to addressing housing and homelessness issues by recognizing that burdensome state regulations such as CEQA must be revisited.