Lorena Gonzalez Bills to Stop Wage Theft and Improve Warehouse Working Conditions Pass the Assembly

Monday, June 15, 2020

SACRAMENTO – (Monday, June 15, 2020) – Two bills by California State Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) to protect workers from workplace abuses passed the state Assembly today. Assembly Bill 3056 ensures proper compensation for employees at large warehouse distribution centers and prohibits penalizing workers for taking a restroom break. Assembly Bill 3075 would hold bad employers accountable who cheat their workers out of wages they are owed. Both bills passed on a 49-18 vote and now move to the Senate.

“The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted many abuses facing California workers, from poor working conditions at large warehouses to the ongoing issues of wage theft, which disproportionately affect Black and brown communities,” Assemblywoman Gonzalez said. “In order for our state to recover from this crisis, we must continue to defend workers who are too often left unprotected under the law.”

AB 3056 would prohibit companies from counting the time workers use going to the restroom, using a hand-washing station, drinking water, reporting a Labor Code violation or taking a legally mandated break towards the time required to complete a quota.  

AB 3075 is a priority bill for the California Latino Legislative Caucus. It would ensure employers who have committed wage theft of their workers cannot reorganize as a “new entity,” change their company name, or hide their assets to avoid paying fines and workers what they are owed after being caught. Before incorporating a new business, AB 3075 will add a provision to require individuals to attest that they do not have outstanding wage judgements against them. It will also clarify that local wage enforcement agencies may also enforce state wage theft laws, allowing a worker who files a claim in a local office to recover back wages without having to file simultaneously with the state.

For questions or to schedule an interview with Assemblywoman Gonzalez, contact Sami Gallegos: samantha.gallegos@asm.ca.gov