What price for our democracy? Commentary by Alex Padilla and Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher

As excerpted from Daily News

We were surprised by the editorial board’s opposition to our efforts to adequately fund California elections. The arguments presented were particularly concerning in that they focused more on the method of the funding than the urgency.

California voting equipment is perilously near its life expectancy. Aging equipment presents a clear and present danger to our elections. In this day and age we must both identify funding to improve our voting systems and protect our systems from any and all efforts to tamper with them. With absolutely no indication that Washington will provide assistance, we must act.

The Voting Modernization Bond Act of 2018 provides a realistic and necessary solution. It invests $450 million in comprehensive modernization of our voting infrastructure, which will improve accessibility, security and reliability of our state’s elections. The act maintains California’s strict prohibition against voting machines being connected to the internet, and requires that these systems produce a paper record to ensure that election results are both auditable and verifiable. Additionally, funding for open-source voting systems will make California a leader in promoting publicly owned technology, providing a genuine alternative to the handful of vendors who corner the market.