My Committee Assignments

Legislative Committee hearings are an important step in California’s legislative process. Committees review policy matters and proposed legislation in greater detail than the full legislative bodies meeting as a whole. These committee hearings allow legislators to consult with policy experts and members of the public when considering complex legislative issues. Committee members are appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly.

Chair, Assembly Committee on Appropriations

The Assembly Appropriations Committee reviews all bills with any fiscal impact after passage by a policy committee. The committee hears more bills than any committee in the Legislature. In the 2009-10 and 2011-12 sessions combined, the committee heard about 4,600 bills. For contrast, the Business, Professions and Consumer Protection and Public Safety Committees each referred about 400 bills over the course of these two sessions.

The goal of the committee is sound, responsible, affordable fiscal policy.

Chair, Select Committee on Women in the Workplace

Vice Chair, Latino Caucus