2014 Legislation

AB 1522: Earned Sick Days
Guarantees every private-sector employee in California the right to earn three paid sick days per year. The most expansive sick day legislation in the country extended this right to an estimated 6.5 million working Californians who previously had no right to take off work to care for a loved one or themselves without the possibility of losing pay or being fired.

AB 1873: VOTE Act to Allow for Mail Ballot Special Elections
Allows for the County of San Diego to send every voter during legislative special elections a mail ballot in an effort to increase voter participation and cut millions of dollars in costs. In addition to receiving a mail ballot, voters would have the opportunity to vote in per-son the weekend before an election and on Election Day at a select number of polling places.

AB 2104: HOA Water Conservation
Amid an ongoing water crisis, bans Home Owners Associations (HOAs) from fining homeowners who install drought-tolerant plants and landscaping.