2018 Legislation

AB 216: Prepaid Postage on Vote-by-Mail Ballots
Starting in 2019, the state will provide paid postage for all vote-by-mail (absentee) ballots in an effort to make voting easier and more accessible for all Californians.

AB 3022: Grant Diplomas to Deported High School Seniors
Retroactively grants diplomas to high school seniors in good academic standing who are deported during their final year of high school, providing these students the opportunity to pursue higher education or find a job.

AB 2369: Illegal Marine Poaching
Cracks down on illegal poaching by commercial fishing operations in protecting marine areas, an important step in preserving the delicate coastal ecosystem in these spots, by increasing penalties and serving as an important deterrent to some of the worst offenders.

AB 1584: Protecting DNA of Minors
Without a warrant, law enforcement officers are now prohibited from asking a minor to consent for a DNA search unless they have obtained permission from a parent or legal guardian.