2017 Legislation


AB 81: English Language Learners
Notifies parents of English language learner students of their rights and responsibilities. Requires schools to keep parents up-to-date on a child's progress and status.

AB 250: Low-Cost Coastal Accommodations
Promotes more low-cost lodging options on California’s coast.

AB 480: Diaper Program
Makes diapers more affordable by allowing CalWORKS to reimburse low-income families for diapers. California becomes first state in the nation to adopt such a program.

AB 746: Lead Testing in School Drinking Water
Protects health of students by requiring schools test for lead in drinking water and notify parents of their children’s healthcare options if elevated lead levels are discovered.

AB 805: SANDAG Reform
Makes San Diego transportation-planning more accountable, transparent and responsive to community needs by reforming SANDAG and other local transit agencies.

AB 1070: Consumer Protections for Solar Energy
Protects homeowners by requiring stronger consumer protection disclosures for solar energy systems.

AB 1221: Drunk Driving Prevention Training
Prevents drunk driving by making sure restaurant and bar staff can recognize when a customer has had too much alcohol.

AB 1312: Sexual Assault Survivors Bill of Rights
Makes sure victims of sexual assault are aware of their rights and that rape test kits are kept until justice can be served.

AB 1530: Trees and Urban Forests
Promotes the planting of more trees in urban areas and facilitates better management of urban forestry.