2016 Legislation


AB 1066: Farmworker Overtime Pay
Historic bill that makes hundreds of thousands of farmworkers eligible for overtime pay after eight hours on the job or 40 hours in a week

AB 2159: Fair Civil Awards Regardless of Immigration Status
Ensures that anyone injured in California receives fair and just compensation for future income loss and future medical costs regardless of their immigration status.

AB 2025: Nail Salon Workers’ Rights
Helps business owners and their employees become better-educated about workers’ rights at California’s nail salons.

AB 1921: Mail Ballot Returns
Allows voters to designate any person of their own choosing to return a completed mail ballot to the proper drop-off location or post office.

AB 813: Unlawful Conviction Challenges
Allows a plea to be challenged if the punishment has been served and the individual wasn’t advised of the plea's impact on his or her immigration status.

AB 1978: Janitorial Worker Protection Act
Establishes workforce protections against sexual assaults and harassment that are pervasive in the janitorial industry

AB 2053: License Health Center Expansion and Consolidation Act
​​​​​​​Helps community health centers meet the growing demand for medical care by making it easier to expand their facilities